Version Log

Version Date Changes
v4.1.9 28th July 2017

-Added new demos for EHC 4.1:

  • Change Backup Service Level
  • Edit VM Charge in vRB4C
v4.1.8 21st July 2017

-Added updated demo for EHC 4.1:

  • App Deployment using Puppet
v4.1.7 10th July 2017

-Added updated demos for EHC 4.1:

  • NSX Enabled App Deployment
  • Securing VMs and Data using CloudLink

-Added PPT downloads:

  • AWS on EHC
  • NSX on EHC
  • CloudLink on EHC

-Added Videos:

  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on VxRail - Accelerated Install
  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - End User's Experience

-Minor VSE text updates on Oracle DBaaS demo

v4.1.6 16th June 2017

-Added new demo for EHC 4.1:

  • Using Amazon Web Services
v4.1.5 3rd May 2017

-Added new demo for EHC 4.1:

  • Oracle Database as a Service
v4.1.4 20th April 2017

-Added new demo for EHC 4.1:

  • Converged Blueprint
v4.1.3 24th Mar 2017

-Added new demo for EHC 4.1:

  • vRealize Business for Cloud
v4.1.2 13th Mar 2017

-Added updated demo for EHC 4.1:

  • Create Backup Service Level
v4.1.1 10th Feb 2017

-Updated the downloadable version of EHC Demo to be fully functional even when using offline

v4.1.0 27th Jan 2017

-Updated look of the EHC Demo Site

-Added 7 updated demos for EHC 4.1:

  • Developer Service Catalog Overview
  • Cloud Admin Service Catalog Overview
  • Approve Cloud Requests
  • Business Analyst Service Catalog Overview
  • Provision a VM
  • Self-Service Backup and Restore
  • Reconfigure a VM

-Added 1 new demo for EHC 4.1:

  • Destroy a VM
v3.1.11 16th Dec 2016

-Added 2 updated demos for EHC 4.1:

  • Deploy an Oracle VM using Puppet Enterprise
  • Configure Oracle DBaaS Backup
v3.1.10 29th Aug 2016

-Added 3 new Oracle DBaaS using Puppet Enterprise demos:

  • Deploy an Oracle VM using Puppet Enterprise
  • Configure Oracle DBaaS Backup
  • Backup an Oracle Database

-Added 5 new RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines demos:

  • Create a Site-to-Site Replication Relationship
  • Configure RP4VMs Parameters and Appliances
  • Create an RP4VMs-Protected Virtual Machine
  • Change a VM’s Consistency Group
  • VM Failover and Recovery
v3.1.9 6th Jul 2016

-Changes to the Menu:

  • Each persona now has a separate Menu and separate URL
  • Virtual SE and Auto Drive functions are now turned off by default
  • Virtual SE and Auto Drive selections will not carry over from persona to persona
  • The Cloud Experience Center can still be downloaded with one click, but there will be a separate file for each persona
v3.1.8 7th Mar 2016

-Added four new vCloud Air Integration demos:

  • Create a vCloud Air Endpoint
  • Create a vCloud Air Reservation
  • Create a vCloud Air Blueprint
  • Provision a vCloud Air VM

-Fixed minor issue with NSX demos

v3.1.7 3rd Feb 2016

-Added a new demo:

  • Automated App Deployment using Puppet
v3.1.6 15th Jan 2016

-Added three new Securing VMs and Data using CloudLink demos:

  • Provision an Encrypted VM
  • Add an Encrypted Volume to an Existing VM
  • Verify Volume Encryption within a VM
v3.1.5 11th Jan 2016

-Updated layout and navigation

-Added a “Recent Updates” feature

v3.1.4 18th Dec 2015

-Added three new NSX Enabled App Deployment demos:

  • Micro-segmentation - Simple App
  • Micro-segmentation - Multi-tier App
  • Micro-segmentation - Multi-tier App - Scale-out - Load Balancing
v3.1.3 18th Nov 2015

-Added nine new VCE Converged Infrastructure Integration demos:

  • Create Cluster
  • Add Host
  • Create VLAN
  • RCM Compliance Scan
  • Remove Compliance Scan
  • Remove VLAN
  • Relocate Host
  • Remove Host
  • Remove Cluster

-Added four new videos demos:

  • Backing up SharePoint Server to EMC Avamar
  • Backing up a SQL Database to EMC Data Domain
  • Cross-Cloud Workload Mobility
  • Remote Application Provisioning
v3.1.2 2nd Nov 2015

-Updated Demo Videos for 3.1

-Added ServiceNow Integration Demo

-Updated Collateral

v3.1.1 22nd Oct 2015

-Updated Collateral for 3.1

v3.1.0 29th Sep 2015

-Added a feature to turn Auto-Drive On/Off

-Added a Menu to allow selection of a specific demo

-Added a Menu button to all screens for quick return from current demo back to itemized demo menu

-Standardized and corrected Virtual SE text

-Added new demos:

  • Provision Cloud Storage
  • Enable New Storage for Tenant Use
  • Create Backup Service Level
  • Chargeback and Resource Consumption
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Onboard a New DR Cluster
  • Provision DR-Enabled Storage
  • Enable New Storage for Tenant Use
  • Self-Service Backup and Restore
  • Provision a VM
  • Database as a Service
  • Request Single Instance SQL Server
  • Add SQL Instances to SQL Server
  • Create SQL Databases
  • Request Deletion of Database
  • Delete SQL Instance

-Removed demos:

  • Hadoop
  • LAMP Stack
  • Application Services
  • Configure New Storage for Dev Ops Users
  • Provision Expand ViPR
  • Cloud Admin ITBM
  • Policy Creation
  • Reviewing Changing Resource Costs
  • Reviewing Cost Changes Generating Cost Reports
v0.320 10th Jun 2015

-Some tidying up of the Virtual SE text in the Business Analyst section

-Removed ‘Beta’ graphic

v0.319 8th Jun 2015

-Virtual SE added to Business Analyst

v0.318b 8th Jun 2015

-Virtual SE added to Cloud Admin

v0.318 5th Jun 2015

-Added YouTube Channel Link to video pages

-Added Change Log

-Added Link to AppDemo from the Interactive Demo page