Version Log

Version Date Changes
v1.5 18th Oct 17

-Retired two demos:

  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Showback/Chargeback
v1.4 19th Sep 17

-Updated the NHC Demo site:

  • Each demo now has its own URL.
  • Improved navigation of the demos.
  • Added shortcut keys. For the full list, see Navigation tips on the Home page.
  • The downloadable version of the site now consists of a single .zip file containing the binaries for a lightweight HTTP service, the files necessary to launch the service and open the demo, and the interactive demo files themselves. For instructions, please see the README.pdf file included in the download.
v1.3 31st Mar 17

-Added a new demo:

  • Concourse Continuous Application Delivery
v1.2 13th Feb 17

-Added new demos:

  • Access Testing Tool_Overview
  • Access Testing Tool_User Defined Tests
v1.1 23rd Sep 16

-Added new demos:

  • Manage Users_Create Org
  • Manage Users_Create Space
  • Manage Users_Create User
  • Manage Users_Create Quota
  • Manage Users_Set Quota
  • Platform Config_Monitoring
  • Platform Config_Logging
  • Platform Config_Capacity
v1.0 29th Apr 16

-Added new demos:

  • Deploy Application
  • Manage Application_CF Scale
  • Manage Application_CF Events
  • Manage Application_CF Logs
  • Manage Application_CF Delete
  • Binding Services
  • Application Availability (Self-healing)
  • Application Logging
  • Blue Green Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Showback/Chargeback
  • Monitoring and Reporting_Performance and Health
  • Monitoring and Reporting_Alerts
  • Monitoring and Reporting_Operations
  • Monitoring and Reporting_Logs